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Gorby At the top of our "Champions" list is Bit O' Gold's Little Russian, "Gorby," the Best In Show Pug with a cowlick!  Gorby was a showman.   He loved to show.  He lived to show.

Handled by Connie Conger, Gorby's show record included 5 All-Breed Best-In-Shows, 6 Specialty Best of Breeds including a P.D.C.A. Regional Specialty, 71 Group Ones, 42 Group Twos, 29 Group Threes, 28 Group Fours, and 276 Best of Breeds (All-Breed shows).   In addition, Gorby was selected as Best of Opposite Sex and received three Award of Merits at the P.D.C.A. National Specialty.  He was in the top 10 of the P.D.C.A. ratings for five years (#7 - '90/91; #2 - '91/92; #3 - '92; #4 - '93; '94).  He also received P.D.C.A. Medallion Awards for most Best In Shows ('92, '93), Group Ones ('91, '92, '93), Best of Breeds ('91, '92, '93), and Honorable Mention for Most Best in Specialty Shows ('92).

He was rated in the Canine Chronicle Breed, All-Breed, and Toy Group standings for four years (#3 Breed, #3 All Breed - '91; #2 Breed, #1 All Breed, #8 Toy - '92; #3 Breed, #2 All Breed, #15 Toy - '93; #7 Breed, #4 All Breed, thru October '94).

During his career, Gorby defined the standard for Pug movement and was used extensively in the AKC Pug Video.  His qualities were recognized by over 160 different judges and he received many accolades from Judges and dog fanciers across the country.

Gorby will be remembered as a happy Pug by all who knew him.  He was a special Pug with a big heart and a wonderful personality.   One that comes along just once in a lifetime.  He was a breeder's dream; a handler's delight.


We do not subscribe to the new AKC Grand Champion program.  If a dog can achieve a Grand Championship title without ever winning a Best of Breed ribbon, then what exactly is the dog a Grand Champion of?  While this program has succeeded in increasing dog show entries, thereby increasing the income to those involved in the shows (AKC, superintendents, show giving clubs, handlers), the title as defined will remain relatively meaningless.

We are, however, looking forward to participating in the newer Owner/Handler program, assuming that it is offered at all dog shows and administered as advertised.


Following are Champions that were either bred, major pointed,
or finished to their Championship by us:
(please click on the name or photo for more details)

Ch. Bit O' Golds Ain't Misbehavin'

Ch. Bit O' Golds Bewitched

Ch. Bit O' Golds Biffy the Kid

Ch. Bit O' Golds Buddy Holly

Ch. Bit O' Golds Carly Q of Dust Storm

Ch. Bit O' Golds Checkmate

Ch. Bit O' Golds Chocolate Chip

Ch. Bit O' Golds Cool Hand Luke ROM

Ch. Bit O' Golds Dust Devil

Ch. Bit O' Golds First Lady

Ch. Bit O' Golds Fly Me To The Moon

Ch. Bit O' Golds Fozzie Bear

Ch. Bit O' Golds Good Golly Miss Molly

Ch. Bit O' Golds Good Time Charlie

Ch. Bit O' Golds Gracie Allen

Ch. Bit O' Golds Grand Finale

Ch. Bit O' Golds Happy Go Lucky

Ch. Bit O' Golds Here I Am

Ch. Bit O' Golds Little Russian

Ch. Bit O' Golds Little Fortune

Ch. Bit O' Golds Li'l Bit

Ch. Bit O' Golds Little Princess

Ch. Bit O' Golds Maggie May

Ch. Bit O' Golds Magical Moment

Ch. Bit O' Golds Misdemeanor III
"Miss D"

Ch. Bit O' Golds Moonlighting ROM

Ch. Bit O' Golds Nip ‘n Tuck ROM

Ch. Bit O' Golds Opie Too of El Chato

Ch. Bit O' Golds Penny Arcade ROM
Penny_th.jpg (3812 bytes)

Ch. Bit O' Golds Peaches n Cream

Ch. Bit O' Golds Power of Dreams

Ch. Bit O' Golds Ramblin' Man

Ch. Bit O' Golds Reddy or Not

Ch. Bit O' Golds Rocky Road

Ch. Bit O' Golds Rythm and Blues

Ch. Bit O' Golds Shades of Gunsmoke

Ch. Bit O' Golds Simply Irresistible

Ch. Bit O' Golds Simply Marvelous

Ch. Bit O' Golds Smooth As Silk

Ch. Bit O' Golds Sparkle O'Blk ThnDR

Ch. Bit O' Golds Sweet Sensation

Ch. Bit O' Golds Tazmanian Devil

Ch. Bit O' Golds Teddy Bear C. D.

Ch. Bit O' Golds Thunder &
Lightning ROM*
flash_th.jpg (5028 bytes)

Ch. Bit O' Golds Wizard of Oz

Ch. Bit O' Golds Zoom Zoom Zoom

Ch. Broughcastl Bonjor Apollo ROM***

Ch. Call Me Christfer of the Pines
Christopher_th.jpg (4680 bytes)

Ch. Corporal O' Riley of the Pines

Ch. Dress Circle Bebe King

Ch. Lil' Golden Dreamer of Maywood ROM**

Ch. Mi-Joys Contessa of Bit O' Gold

Ch. Mianda's Tea Time

Ch. Nirvanas Ace's Wild Card

Ch. Porters Punch Line

Ch. Porter's Bit O' Gold Dust

Ch. Hard Rocks Pasta DeVairo

ROM designates a Register of Merit from the Pug Dog Club of America
In a bitch, a ROM indicates she has produced at least three Champions.
In a dog, a ROM indicates he has produced at least six Champions.
Each * indicates an additional three or six Champions, respectively.




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