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Ashley and Buddy

Cindy grew up with pugs; there was always one snorting around her mom and dad's house.  Jim, on the other hand, was not raised with dogs, and was not too happy when, in 1982, he inherited a pug, along with a wife and a severe case of culture shock.  Daughter Ashley always had several pugs snorting around the house, and started showing as soon as she was old enough.

Although it was not love at first sight, Scooter and Jim got along well enough that in 1983, we purchased our first "show dog," another pug, and became involved in the sport of dog shows.  We worked very hard to finish our first champion, Christfer, and became hooked on the sport of dog showing.   Since that time, we have been extremely dedicated to the pug breed and have worked very hard to support and (hopefully) maintain the breed.

Once we realized that the best way to observe the differences in pugs from across the country was to attend breed specialties, we started attending National, Regional, and Club specialties.  Unfortunately, living in the West has put us at a large disadvantage, as dog shows are not very prevalent in this part of the country.  Since becoming involved in the sport, we have traveled literally hundreds of thousands of miles to dog shows and specialties. 

We started showing in Denver, Colorado, where there are several shows each year within a two hour drive.   In 1990 we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where there are only eight shows each year within a two hour drive.  This move added at least nine hours to most of the shows that we normally attended, although it did bring us closer to a handful of western shows.  In 1994, we moved back to western Colorado (Montrose, to be exact), and although not located in the Denver area, we were a lot closer to shows than we were in Utah. The end of 2020 saw us moving to Pueblo, which is on the Front Range about one hundred miles south of Denver. After living in Montrose for twenty-six years, it is quite a change. While we don't have the wonderful views that we enjoyed in Montrose, there are other benefits to living on the Front Range,

Over the years, our perseverance has paid off in that with limited breeding, we have produced both Specialty and Best-In-Show winning pugs.   Pugs that were bred and owned by us have won over one hundred Group I, seven Pug Specialties and five all-breed Best-In-Shows.  In 1996 we retired the Fancy Pants Memorial Trophy, which was a traveling trophy awarded to the Best of Opposite Sex winner at a Regional or National Specialty.  To retire the trophy, it had to be won three times by dogs/bitches of the same owner(s).  We have also attended the Westminister Kennel Club Show in New York City on several occasions, both as an exhibitor and an observer.

We have been members of the Pug Dog Club of America since 1986, and have attended every National Specialty since 1987.  We also served as editors of the PDCA Bulletin for five years, during which time we transformed it into the quality publication that it is today, and have been elected to the PDCA Board of Directors.

Cindy was honored to have been selected by the PDCA membership to judge Sweepstakes at the 2015 National Specialty in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In 2014, she was awarded the AKC/PDCA Good Sportsmanship Award, and in 2018, we were awarded Life Membership in the PDCA.

Jim, whose initial involvement in the sport was, as he would call it, "driving the truck," has gotten more involved and has been an AKC judge since 2000.  He was honored to have been selected by the PDCA membership to judge the 2008 PDCA National Specialty in Ontario, California. He was also selected to judge the 2021 PDCA National Specialty in Lisle, Illinois.



Jim & Cindy Best of Breed
PDCA National 2021



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